Varibox USA

VariBox USA LLC is a technology licensing company that is the exclusive licensing agent for an extensive international patent portfolio that covers next-generation continuously variable transmission (or CVT) technologies. The patents address two CVT technologies: Incremental CVT and rotor CVT.

The incremental CVT technology is a purely mechanical transmission in which the ratio is adjusted in increments without any power interruption. Ratio actuation is done via a mechanical indexing mechanism. A clutch or torque converter is only required for pull-away purposes. The rotor CVT technology is also a purely mechanical transmission that uses two-stage ratcheting in which the ratio adjustment from geared neutral is done via a 350 Watt 12 Volt electrical system.

The VariBox patent portfolio consists of six issued U.S. Patents, three U.S. patent applications, and 64 foreign patents and applications. VariBox USA was established to expand the use of this patented technology via licensing.

VariBox USA LLC is a subsidiary of, and is managed by, General Patent Corporation, a leading patent monetization firm.